Youssouf Toure

Youssouf Toure

Chargé de Programme, AECOM

En poste chez AECOM

Précédents : AECOM, TEARFUND , PUMLS , Cite de la tolerance , United Nations HQ / 62nd Session of the General Assembly


Précédents : ALCC Of New York, Ecole Des Hautes Études Internationales (EHEI), Université Pierre Mendès France (UPMF)



Chargé de Programme


De décembre 2013 à aujourd'hui
*Provide guidance for the program *Propose new ideas and develop funding proposals *Develop relationships with stakeholders *Coordinate grant's implemetation

Grants Specialist


De 2012 à novembre 2013
The objective of this USAID-funded project is to improve public confidence in the post-conflict recovery process through enhanced governance and effective community initiatives in Côte d’Ivoire. My role in the program is to target grants beneficiaries such as organizations, civil society, ministry, ...
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De mai 2012 à juin 2012
Evaluation and monitoring of a Tearfund funded project in 20 churches project : "Installation de comités de lutte contre le VIH dans 20 églises évangéliques à Abidjan"

Program Assistant


De juillet 2009 à juin 2012
The PUMLS is a World Bank funded' HIV/AIDS project in Côte d’Ivoire, which main objective is to promote a multi-sector response by focusing on HIV/AIDS as a development issue and by engaging both local communities and the private sector. A key feature of this project is direct support to community ...
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Program Officer

Chez Cite de la tolerance

De décembre 2008 à juin 2009
The activities and main objective of the NGO “la cité de la tolerance” is about education, human rights and sustainable development. Development of a project called « promote democratic citizenship ». The project, which has been funded by Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), has been ...
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ALCC Of New York, New York

Advance english , English Language Certificate

De septembre 2007 à février 2008


Chez United Nations HQ / 62nd Session of the General Assembly

De novembre 2007 à janvier 2008
The topic of my master’s thesis was “from the League of Nations to the 62nd Session of the General Assembly”. As part of my research, I participated as an observer to the 62nd session of the General Assembly opened on September 2007. The research, focused on humanitarian, cultural and social ...
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